Friday, December 17, 2010

Kids see the darndest things...

Yesterday I went with my friend and our Ward "activities director" for her last party shopping. That is a long story, they are eliminating her job at church... not the activities, just the one who does all the work? So what that means, is, I am afraid to ask... because this is a BIG job!!
But she is expecting their 3rd baby and could deliver any time now the Dr. says... so Costco + loading up bulk food = worn out mamma if she had to do this by herself (and her committee is pregnant too... they stick together I guess? LOL). Actually, I love being around Ann, she is really funny and always has a really positive outlook on things and is very organized. So I was really looking forward to the opportunity to just be with her :) But I did make a deal with her, NO BABY on my watch today!

Her daughter had a play date, but her son Zach and her niece Riley went with us. I had no idea how much help OR how entertaining that was going to be.

Everyone helped, they wanted to help with EVERYTHING! It was sooo awesome to have their eager little spirits with us. And patient, they were soooo patient; as long as we took the trip down the toy isle at every store we went to... soooo funny! (I had forgotten about the negotiations of 4 year olds).

What I really had forgotten about is how observant they are. I have been in this store a bazillion thousand times and never noticed these pinatas!! What?? Riley, who doesn't even talk yet, spotted them and went berserk waving her arms and making noises... when I realized what she was pointing at, I was so surprised at how I go through life with my head down.
You just have to experience life through a kids eyes from time to time, even after yours are big and tall.

We had allot of fun. No meltdowns... just one small shift of focus in the toy "island" (as Zach calls it) over a Steve McQueen flashlight... which we determined was a drop in blood sugar... Totally not his fault. After all hours of looking at toys that you can't buy or even earn from working and helping so much, and the constant reminder of the season to "be good" because Santa Claus is watching... it's just sooo much pressure for a four year old!
I would have cried too, it was a really cool flashlight!
(and I have it on good word that Santa already had one loaded up on his sleigh getting ready for his trip to Idaho... yay!! cause that would have been tragic not to get it after how good he has been.)
A really good time was had by all!
And now we are all ready for the Ward Christmas breakfast!!
So exciting!!
But best of all, no baby on my watch. Even though she was starting to have the beginning stages of contractions at the last two stores...eeeek... yep we work em right up to the end (insert cracking whip sound here).


McDowell Family said...

Beth! You are the best!! Thank you so much for even offering to help me! You basically saved my body! Zachary had a great time too! And yes Santa informed me that the McQueen flashlight was on his way! He was such a good boy that day! How could he not be rewarded!!! Thanks again!

Kristi M. said...

Jeff is a little worried about not having an activities chairperson but ward activities still. He is currently the YM President (recently released as the Elders Quorum President) and has the feeling that all of that stuff will be added to all of the auxillaries. Not like you guys don't have enough going on already to worry about. You were so nice to help Ann out. And 4 year olds are all about negotiation I've found out.

HeidiT said...

I was just talking to my mom about the activity committee thing at the party yesterday. Then I noticed last night in the back of the new Ensign that it said the activities will be handled by the ward council now...yikes, as if you all don't have enough to do already :)

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