Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goldilocks has been in my car...

Someone has been sitting in my seat and I can't reach the pedals anymore!
The teenager has been commuting with his Dad to work, so I haven't had to share the car with him for a while. They are going into their slow season, so he got layed off this week, and has been out looking for a new job.
So now he is back driving the car.... and I can sure tell, I get in and the seat is back soooo far... I can't reach the pedals! I had to laugh when it happened to me this time, I wasn't even close, not even tippy toes, able to reach them. The nice part about it, is he actually cleaned the car the day after I took this photo... the car was super grody, but now it's all clean and vacuumed and sparkling, just in time for the rain :)
I love my giant teenager!


Pancz said...

My dad was a tall man and so trying to get into a car after my mother drove (she was 5 foot 2 eyes of blue and lips like cherry wine according to her *giggle*)....
back to the story... so trying to get into a car that you can not squeeze your long legs into was always an issue so when I started driving I was asked to always to push the seat back before getting out of the car... so even still to this day I turn the car off, put the break on undo my seatbelt and push the seat back... it is such a muscle memory I don't even realize it. And so I know I always have to bring the seat forward when i get back in.

Panda said...

that should of read Panda as my name *giggle* my fingers must of been on the wrong keys *giggle*

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