Thursday, October 28, 2010

I "heart" you!

The teenager went in to get the other side of the dental work done.
And after only being home for a very short time, his boss called and he had to go to the clinic and take a random drug test.
Of course being the TEASE that he is, tortured me into thinking he was worried about it... Ha Ha, very funny; NOT!
When we drove up, the torture treatment came back around to him, when he saw this golf course directly across the freeway and felt so crummy, he could not even dream of playing on a such a rare day off.

His Dad called right after to let us know he passed and was drug free... it's amazing they can get such immediate results now. Cool!
And I was not worried about this kid, but it is always good to hear those words.
We counted our blessings this day, as there are so many that feel trapped and fall into the destruction of drugs. We have been blessed and are sooo grateful!
After a few hours when the Novocaine wore off the teenager wanted to eat and requested a BIG stack of pancakes! I was still feeling THE LOVE... so I made a batch of his favorite chocolate chip ones.
I tried to send him a message... but he didn't stop to read anything in the stack below the top one. But I took the opportunity to photograph them.

I bet if you put them in the batter later they don't sink down as far and you can really see them better. But I wasn't going for a masterpiece, just to show some love.
I really enjoyed getting to spend part of my day with him.
I have missed him and he was open, talkative and fun...even in the throws of dental chair misery!
And even though he denied all photo ops, with one of his movie quotes...
"I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request, Means NO"!
(Barbossa: Pirates of the Caribbean)
I love my teenager!

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Emily :] said...

hahaha I love the crazy things that dentist medicine does to ya!

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