Monday, October 25, 2010

Tenderfoots or is it Tenderfeet?

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man is a scout leader for the 11 year old scouts.

They needed to plan and go on a camp out to finish up some of their requirements on their way to earning their "Tenderfoot". So this weekend he went with them. At this age they have to have a Dad go with them. And as hard as he tried and tried, the teenager would not tag along this time. He claimed he had too much homework. And secretly I was so glad he stayed home and I got some time with him. We love watching movies together and the dogs were barking and growling at stuff outside all night and freaking me out and making me scared. So I was super happy to have him home.
The boys found some cool petroglyphs.

They reported the full moon was quite a sight going down behind the mountains.
I will have to teach him how to set the time and go get in his own pictures... but it still turned out cute with the boys and their Dad's.

And he was really impressed with this neat rock formation.
They hiked and cooked and he even ate eggs in a bag!
You KNOW how picky he is about his eggs, he said they were the best!
I asked the scout what he did to make them sooo good, and he had brought them from home, and they are farm fresh eggs from his chickens... maybe that was the difference.
Oh dear, I hope his next adventure will not be proposing we raise our own chickens for farm fresh eggs... I might have to put my foot down (with boots on) about that one.
Chickens with hunter dogs who have been endlessly taunted by squirrels all summer long... not a good combination at all. And I don't do chicken coups or scoop chicken pooh!
Oh sigh... I love my Strong Silent Mysterious Man!

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