Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Ski Coat...

For my 21st Birthday my family got me this ski coat!

I was living in Sacramento California without any family, very much alone.
And I will never forget opening a huge box of presents from my family in Seattle and feeling so warm and loved.
This was my favorite coat EVER!!
(I loved it even more than the acid wash denim jacket
with the white leather fringe... I KNOW, huh)
But I had lost track of it... I would have NEVER EVER given it away!
But lucky for me, my Sister got the same jacket and has kept hers... and even luckier for me she went auburn and it clashes with her hair!
So she sent me THE SKI COAT!!!
I can hardly contain my excitement!
The catch is... I was a bit thinner on my 21st birthday than I will be on my 46th birthday... so I have some work to do to get back into it. But it is great incentive!!
Did I mention, I LOVE this COAT!!!

Here it is with the skinny ski pants and the fur boots!
I told you I would never ever have let it out of my wardrobe, I kept everything else that I loved to go with it to make me officially the cutest snow bunny on the slopes, or in the lodge drinking hot cocoa!
Which is really where you have to show off these boots to their potential, because when I wear them in very deep snow they get all packed up and frozen with ice and I look more like the abominable snow man than the cute snow bunny look I was going for :)
Thanks Sis for the awesome "good mail" package!
Your the bestest!
Let me know if you want me to send you those skinny black leather pants to try on...there hot!
Okay, right... getting back to "recapturing beauty"... you can see I do let the world define how I feel about myself sometimes.
It's a work in progress... exactly why I am taking the challenge... it's only Day 2, go easy on me. Skiing makes me feel beautiful!
And Obermeyer... well they just get that... (smile)!!!

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Emily :] said...

This is cute! Haha

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