Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Cupcakes...

I really love cute cupcakes, and cupcake decorations, and especially yummy tasting cupcakes.... but I will admit, baking is not my specialty.

I am probably at 50% flop, and 50% made it alive in my cupcake making history.

So it has to be a very special occasion for me to make cupcakes.

And since I considered my last few cupcake undertakings successful, the odds were probably against me. (graduation hats, birthday golf, and camo... wow it's really been a big cupcake year, for such a non cupcake maker... I am so glad I blog, I would have forgotten all those special cupcake making occasions)
But I think I beat the odds and might even call myself a cupcake maker now.Yay! I found these cute flower idea in a Better Homes magazine last spring and have been wanting to have a reason to make them ever since.
With no girls in the house, not too many occasions come up at home, but I was certain I would have an opportunity at church one day.
Saturday at 830pm I found out someone was out of town that was assigned to make cupcakes for a class that was sending off one girl to college and receiving in another who had a birthday. So I knew that was my moment to reveal the flowers.

Yes, I was grumbling and grouchy at first, I don't do my best anything at 830pm the night before... much less make cute cupcakes. But that just shows how easy they really were.

I used milk in place of some of the water in the recipe... that made them really moist.

I used my mini cupcake pan... they are just fun and easier to eat (and secretly, if the flower idea flopped, I could have just thrown an m&m on top and called it good).

And for the flowers I cut mini marshmallows on the diagonal and dipped the cut edge into sugar crystals, they stick to just that sticky part of the marshmallow and don't get all over the rest. You don't even have to be careful. So easy!
And you could do regular size marshmallows and regular size cupcake pans too, for a bigger version of the same thing. Or even 3 mini flowers on top of a regular size cupcake... the possibilities are endless.

You do have to put the pedals the right direction though, or they look more like stars instead of flowers. If you look you can see a yellow on yellow in one of the corners... that just doesn't look like it belongs. But nobody noticed except me.

Now I just have to find a way to make them fit for all seasons not just spring or summer. Maybe just use only the colors of the season... red and green poinsettias for Christmas might work... maybe cut the marshmallows into heart shapes and only use red or pink for valentines day... also maybe take out the center and just put four pedals together using only green for St. Patricks Day... Hmmmm I will have to play with it... but they turned out super cute and yummy for the girls!

I am pretty sure I would try these again, fun, easy , yummy and cute.


Megan said...

These turned out darling!

Kristi M. said...

So cute and I am glad that you explained that they are a marshmallow. I would have never figured that out and the sugar is genius. I am going to have to try this. I too like the minis. Easy to make and pop in your mouth to eat.

Panda said...

WOW those are soooooo cute!!! you are so talented *smile*

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