Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Jacob!
It is crazy to think about my baby being an adult, but he is such a joy and I am so happy for him and excited to see what life has in store for him ahead.
Since we knew there wouldn't be much family time on his birthday, we surprised him and took him out on Monday for family night and went into the city.
He had been asking for a suit for his birthday, there had been allot of discussion over the past month if that was a good idea or not since he would need suits for his mission, would he out grow them before the mission call? How would we know what kind to buy, not knowing where he would go on a mission etc. But we thought it would be a great present, so we stopped into the suit store to get their opinion on the subject, hoping it would work out.
When we pulled up to the front door, My Strong Silent Mysterious Man said "this doesn't feel right" and he really didn't want to go suit shopping. But we were here, with a very excited birthday boy... I convinced him to just go inside and look. We didn't have to buy if it didn't feel right.
So we went inside and they began to show us his options... during the process, I could tell the teenager was not into it anymore. So we gracefully thanked them for the time, and said we would keep thinking about what he would need.
We went back out to the car and we all agreed, he needed to wait until he got a mission call to begin to prepare with a destination in mind. It was the absolute right thing to do, it felt right! We all had a bad feeling about buying the suit for his birthday.
My strong silent mysterious man tried to give us the "I told you so" speech, but really we were all amazed at the feelings we had of unity with such a small thing, and that we all agreed and had felt guided to make the same decision together ("my man" does get the credit for knowing all along, but hey... he is the leader of this family, he should know those things... we are just difficult and have to find out for ourselves).
Then we were left with what to do for the birthday boy? We went to the mall, found that the puppy store had closed. Sad not to see and hold the puppies that night, but it didn't really break my heart not to have a puppy store in the mall anymore for their sake anyway.
We stopped by our Build A Bear store to see if they make the missionary bears (my SIL took her missionaries to make bears before they left on their missions... they were sooo cute. But they don't have them here... I was sad, but the teenager was telling me there was NO WAY... so it all worked out for him. So he thinks... for now.
He found some shoes he really wanted and got them on order... sweet thoughts that this might be the last time I have to shop for shoes with this kid danced in my head. That is a milestone moment, maybe not realistic, but sweet to dream.
Then we took him out to eat dinner at Chili's... we hadn't eaten there before, he didn't get to choose, it was just where Dad pulled in.
That just breaks all my birthday traditions... we always got to pick where we wanted to eat on our special day.

I have no idea what this meant? But Dad likes to drop the bomb, the heavy fist... and make everyone think he is the mean guy!
It was fun to laugh and be with the teenager and celebrate his special day.
When we left there was a big storm that blew through, and we got drenched walking to the car.
Today on his actual birthday, I made the teenager his favorite breakfast.
Grits, eggs toast and bacon.

I love that he loves grits!
His Dad won't touch them, so it is yet another special bond we have had together.

Then he got his haircut... he loves to get his haircut... big surprise why?
Of course, it wouldn't be a complete day without a game of golf.
He played well, and met up with a friend he likes to play with... so that was a fun time.
Later he got a really cool phone call from a special friend, he was excited that he remembered and took the time to call him to wish him a happy birthday... that really made his day.
I made him some special golf cupcakes... they were fun to make.
There is another story to come about these... later.
The melted grass... ha ha ha. Hey it gets hot in Idaho.
And of course Dad couldn't let his big day go by without picking up a little something of a surprise. He is spontaneous that way. I tried to remind him, we had already bought the birthday present... but he knew the high school bag had to be turned in and he would need a replacement. So sweet.

We love Jacob so much!
It has been fun to watch him over the past 18 years.
He has a compassionate loving spirit about him, often rooting for the underdog.
And he touches hearts every where he goes, and isn't afraid to show his heart.
We are excited to see how the Lord will use him to reach out and touch others lives.
Our hearts are so full that we have been blessed and entrusted with this child of God, and to teach him what we know and protect him and help him to grow in an ever changing world.
We love you Jacob, Happy 18th Birthday!


Kristi M. said...

Suits are also so spendy so it is good that you guys all agreed to wait. He may go somewhere where he doesn't need one like my brother in law did. You never know. I need my haircut so bad and you always have pictures with your hair lady. How much are her haircuts?

Beth said...

Very true... we thought about him not needing a suit either (I can't imagine though).

You can reach Kate at 337-6294. We love her, she is awesome and has many years of experience, despite how young she looks. The catch is we drive to Homedale, but it is worth it, and a beautiful drive :)

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