Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night Express...

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man came home from a long week of work, tired, hot and grubby... but he was such a good sport when I begged to go out for a date night. It is the biggest thing we never agree on... the amount of quality time spent together. I whine that I want more time with him, he claims we are together ALL THE TIME!!
But vying for his time between the teenager and his love for his guitars and music cuts into my quality time with him. And any cell phone calls from work automatically negates the quality time so we have to start over. Then because we don't like the same kinds of movies, if I watch one in the bedroom while he watches one in the living room... that does not count as time together just because we are in the same house together. I don't care what he says, I will fight that one to the end. Anyway, I was happy to get a date night without the teenager with him.
Our town has a fun gathering called "Friday Night Express" at the Train Depot on the first Friday of each month during the summertime. They have live bands, so I thought my strong silent mysterious man would enjoy it. Not too far from home, a little live music. Perfect.
We even ran into some friends.

Just as we had our fill, the storm and winds started to blow in.
Not sure how the rest of them made out, but we were out of there.
It was a fun short date, but I just needed some alone time with my main man.
It was good!

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