Monday, June 28, 2010

Elmer Fudd and Jesse James...

Elmer Fudd aka My Strong Silent Mysterious Man took the teenager out to shoot his new Henry. And we dubbed him Jesse James... because he was very comfortable in the way he carried his rifle... plus he was no hunter... in the way he clomped through the brush like a hap hazard gunman... not necessarily stealth like Elmer Fudd who can spot a whistle pig from a mile away and sneaks up on them vewwy vewwy quietly!

It was a hilarious sight to watch these two, we are really feeling the independence kicking in. And the teenager definitely has his own way of doing things.
I was just having fun tagging along, photographing the beauty and trying to capture another sweet moment in time!
Until they started walking farther from each other and I wasn't sure who to walk behind, but knew I had to stick close to one of them for fear they would hear me move and turn and shoot at anything moving, and it might just be me if I wasn't careful.
We have had so much rain that the whistle pigs had tons of green brush to hide behind.
So not much luck hunting them... they definitely had the advantage.
So they set up some targets and practiced.

And of course the competition began...
Of course the teenager had to see if he could hit, yes... a golf ball.

It was a fun time though, I actually like shooting our Henry Golden boy. But Jesse James was a little stingy with his, so I didn't get to try it out... it was okay, he is allowed. It's a pretty special gun to him.

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