Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bridge...

In 2005 we had gone to Celebration Park to hang out one day... and I got this photo of My Strong Silent Mysterious Man and the Teenager. I just love it! I have it framed in my office, and it's one of my favorite photos of them.
We have had a thing for bridges, and have a bridge collection of photos from bridges when we were dating and traveling around the northwest... so to have my boys together on a bridge was cool for me. Plus the symbolism of bridges for our family is really special. And just the way Dad is leaning in as to teach his son or give him special council only a Dad could give... it just rocks my world... love it!!

So the week of graduation in 2010, we were able to go back to this bridge and I tried to capture the moment. What a difference 5 years makes. Yes, it is the same two guys.
Hard to believe, but so cool how they are growing up!
I love bridge pictures and I really love my boys!


patsy said...

Oh mY Gosh- this is so cool!

Lindsey said...

What cool pics. I actually got a little teary eyed over that post :)

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