Thursday, June 24, 2010

Endureth to the End...

This morning my brother headed back to the airport to go home.
Shortly after he left I saw on the news a car hijacked at gun point and a big chase in Ontario... so glad they waited for all the excitement until after he was gone... phew! The teenager finished up a two day golf tournament... after the first day, he hadn't played well and ended up 13th out of 16 in his age group. But he came home happy he was having a good time regardless of his stinky score.
He was telling us about one of the kids who had dropped out with a low score after the first day and wasn't coming back for day two... and we got to talk about the importance of not quitting and having good sportsmanship etc. I love those talks with him. Some of my favorite times.
So he went back today, played well and finished up in 3rd place overall, a very happy golfer, it really made his day and gave him a boost of what can happen when you believe in yourself and never give up!
Enduring until the end...
Tonight we got together with our handcart family for Trek, to make a flag.
They got along great and we think it will be a really neat time for everyone.
They chose 2 Nephi 31:16
and wrote "Endureth to the End" on our banner, and included all their names.

We have allot of energy in our little family, so I am confident these youth will have no problem enduring until the end. It will be sweet know learn what the Lord would have each of us learn on this Trek.
I am getting excited now!

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