Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You should see the other guy....

Okay, not really!

These are just some of the consequences from playing football at break with your YOUNG co-workers in the gravel instead of the grass. (the other consequences can be found on his hands and up his right arm, and both knees and a shin).


There should just be a rule that when you turn 50, you can't play contact sports with kids anymore. But since I am not his mother (I'm not his mother, I'm not his mother, I'm not his mother), I really tried not to give him anymore advice, or make rules that might help keep him safe!

My brother gave me some words to help me work through some of my issues of mothering my husband. Like "how's that working for you?" Leaving all the decisions up to him. He is a big boy!

So when he came to me last night asking me if I thought he should wash out some of the gravel (okay, YUK, EWWW, and this is making my tummy nauseous).... I just looked down and said "If you think that is best Hun" and then bit on my tongue, as he walked into the back to deal with his wounds.


What I really wanted to say, was

"WHAT? You haven't cleaned it out yet... Um YES!!! And then I will go get the hydrogen peroxide... and you get why you shouldn't play with those young boys? Right? They are too rough and you should really play on the grass and not in the gravel. And if you get hurt and can't work, how is that helping us? Would it be worth it?? And I bet it is already infected, don't you know that infection near your brain is even more dangerous??"

etc. etc. and on and on and on... poor guy, I am a mess!


But biting my tongue worked just fine.

He cleaned it up, and hobbled into work today pretty soar.

But he might need his mother to call him, to remind him he is 50 now!

(hint, hint)

It is so much harder than it looks to let them go and let them grow up.


bgsorenson said...

Ouch that looks painful.

Way to bo Beth on not Mothering him.

PaD said...

Okay Jim. This is Mom speaking. Don't make me have to call you. Quit playing football on gravel!!!!. You want me to bring up the alcohol?

Love ya, Mom D

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