Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

June 14th we celebrated our 18th Anniversary.
We are feeling very busy and kind of run down lately... so date nights are falling off of our plate a little. It was nice to have a special occasion to be together and go out to dinner ALONE. We shared a meal... which has become a really good thing for us to do and we are starting to find more and more foods that we both like.
I at least have my strong silent mysterious man trained really well on getting a self portrait to remember the special times. He reminded me this time :)
AND he took 3 just to make sure we got a good one!!
That is gift enough for me... he hasn't always been sentimental about things like I am, so this is HUGE!! He is wonderful and awesome and I am so happy he is strong and silent and patient enough to put up with me all these years, I am sure I have been way more high maintenance than he bargained for in the beginning.
I tried to talk the boys into watching our wedding video... but they screamed and yelled and begged and dug in their feet, like I was offering up some kind of cruel and torturous punishment. So I guess I will save that for another time. I suppose girls look back at those things differently than the boys do, I thought it would be fun to reflect.... hmmm maybe not. It's all good, I remember it like it was yesterday anyway!


Brit said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember being at your wedding. Time flies!! I hope you have many more happy memories in the years to come!

Donna Lynn said...


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