Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make your bed part II...

I forgot another tip I hadn't tried before, but thought it was a really good idea and I want to do it.
Turn all of your clothes hanging in your closet so the hanger is reversed with the crooked loop over the bar backwards... then as you wear your clothes and put them back away, hang them the regular way and in six months or a year you can see very clearly what you are not wearing and can donate it.
I have been changing out my fall/winter and spring/summer clothes twice a year since 2003 and I LOVE it! I have big sealed bins that I pack the off season clothes in... and when it's time to change them over I pull them out of the garage and put them in my bedroom, I pull everything out of my closet and lay it on my bed and then pull out the clothes from the bins and hang them up... then I sort through the things I have taken out of the closet and pack away for next year, or donate if I am not wearing it.
It's like Christmas to pull out those clothes I haven't looked at for 6 months... and it makes me go through my clothes and keep them cleaned out.... I wasn't good at donating clothes before, but when I pack them and hang then and unpack them and re hang them so many times and have never worn them... it made me much much better at letting go of stuff I wasn't wearing season after season. It's especially fun if I have lost weight... then I add trying things on as I unpack them. I have actually gone from 6 big huge bins down to 3 now... and life is so much easier and I have much less stress getting dressed everyday since I have been doing this.
I just started packing up my seasonal shoes too, since I have more room in the bins and less shoes to move now.
Less is definitely more!! Having too many clothes was such a heavy burden to me and I would have never realized that or believed anyone who told me until I started this process.

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Kristi M. said...

I've heard about this several times before but have never done it. Not that I haven't thought about it though. I really should do it. I was able to clean out so many of my unworn clothes when I transitioned from regular to maternity clothes. It felt so good.

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