Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make your bed...

Last night we had a young women activity on organization and time management.
What a great topic.
A couple of things resonated with me...
1. Everything has to have a home... if you bring in something new it has to have a home.
I have a pile of things from the Trek like bug spray etc that I don't normally buy, so it is still in a pile to be put away. I guess it would go with the camping stuff, but most of our camping stuff is big and bulky on a shelf, the smaller stuff is in a bin and it is cooking stuff, so I didn't want to put bug spray in that bin, yuk. So this pile of clutter that has been sitting there for 3 weeks because it never got a home. My bad.
2. When you take off your clothes, MAKE A DECISION. It's either clean or dirty... clean clothes hang up, dirty ones go in the laundry basket. I have "a chair" that collects clothes I take off, that can really be worn again. But I lay them in the chair in my bedroom and then it ends up being a pile in the chair that I dread going through. They need to be hung up, it is this big ol' heavy burden of chore that I HAVE to get done... eventually I have enough and go deal with it... and find that my strong silent mysterious man has laid a pair of socks, or a dirty work shirt on the pile at some point... at which when I find that - EVERYTHING MUST BE WASHED! Yuk.
(Apparently I never shared with him the rules of the chair.)
Also, I can't use the chair for sitting and reading because it is always holding "maybe" clothes.
So make a decision... clean? hang it up, dirty? laundry basket.
This tip will make a difference for my messy room.
3. Another way to make your room look neater... MAKE YOUR BED!
I have to admit, I was one of those teenagers that had the mindset "Why? I am just going to get back into again". And that kind of stuck and I still have issues with making my bed. I actually don't buy top sheets, we only have a fitted sheet and a comforter (maybe a blanket in the winter sometimes if it's really really cold now that we are having to kick the dogs out of the bed). It was too much trouble to make up the bed (the one I don't make up) with a sheet on it. (I know, how bad is that?)
But I will admit, after being able to work from home and spending time in my home during the day... when I make my bed, it does feel really nice to have a neat made up bed. When I walk back through my room during the day, it looks so neat and clean when the bed is made. It makes a difference, really.
Surprisingly there were about 131,000,000 results when I googled "make your bed"... all kinds of tips on how to make a bed, who knew??? Like a top class hotel, in 30 seconds or less, in easy steps, videos on how to make your bed... wow, I love the Internet!!
So for the new school year (since I don't have to buy school supplies or go clothes shopping this year... so weird and bittersweet) I have made a commitment to make my bed each day :)


Kristi M. said...

My grandma always told my mom that if you made your bed and did the dishes every day, everything else will fall into place. Doing just the two is so true. Try cleaning up the house without having the two done and for some reason it feels nearly impossible.

Lindsey said...

I have never made my bed either... same thing, "Why I am just gonna get back in it".. but since having our house on the market I do it everyday and have found I really love it!

Megan said...

Oh man, I need to do this. I always have a pile of clothes on my cedar chest. It would take two seconds to pick them up...I'm going to go do that right now!

Beth said...

Kristi - I have heard that too... make your bed and shine your sink.

Lindsey - Oh man, your house on the market will make you keep everything in tip top order huh :) Your gonna be really good at it, just don't stop when you move into your new place... keep me posted.

Megan - I am so happy I am not alone :)

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