Friday, August 27, 2010

A blast from the past...

We were looking forward to one of our favorite bands coming to the fair.

We have been listening to them for almost 30 years.... and they were one of the bands we both loved when we first started dating.

They sang to us driving from California and Washington to meet in the middle of Oregon to see each other on the weekends. We have driven miles and miles to this band.

They sang to us on many road trips and adventures with the teenager too, but we couldn't convince him to come with us.... Oh I wish he would have.

And I have listened to my strong silent mysterious man play their music on his guitars since we had met.

So when we heard they were coming to our State Fair... we just knew we had to go see them. I even gave up going to the big rodeo in our town (of which I have not been since we lived here... it was going to be MY YEAR to finally go to the rodeo), but we decided to get tickets to see .38 Special instead.

We love their music! They started out as a southern rock band, and play mostly classic rock music.

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man does not like crowds, so we don't go to crowded places, like malls and markets and fairs, but the exception would be a really really good concert. And when he goes, he wants to be on the front row in the middle of the crowd, it is beyond me, and makes no sense, but he does.

So we went 2 1/2 hours early... (I am telling you, it's like I don't know him, ha ha).

And still had to wait in a line, of course that was my fault... he doesn't eat fair food (I KNOW!! he is a complete martian) so I made him go to a drive thru to get me food on the way... otherwise we would have been in the front, but he would have had to deal with me dizzy and passing out.

At least we had some entertainment watching people ride this crazy thing.
Um pass!

But the time went quickly and we were almost against the front stage... just a single layer of people in front of us. But definitely still very close!

Before they started a radio station came out and I caught a tshirt that says "Bob" on it. I never win stuff, so that was funny.

Then the Navy Seals were there and dropped airmen from a plane, and one of the parachutes opened up a flag and they sang the National Anthem as it floated to the ground... that was really patriotic and special.


Then the moment we had been waiting for..

The bassist reminded us so much of Jim's Dad Leon... looks but also his mannerisms and his Dad played the bass too. That was so cool.
Jim says this guys has been playing this same guitar for 30 years... the "relik"ing they do on the finishes of guitars in the shops now, look allot like this, but his was done from just playing it!

So cool!!!

His brother was originally in the band too, and has since died... and he played a tribute to him. Towards the end of the song, a white butterfly flew across the stage and right over my head, as if to be a sign of love and peace from God that his brother was safe with Him in heaven.
It brought tears to my eyes, so tender... so very cool!

Jim caught a guitar pick they threw out during the performance for a keepsake.

I tried to get the stage crew to pull up the set list for me to add to my collection with the one I got from our Ted Nugent concert adventure, but the guy rolled it up in the carpet and said it was part of the set, he had to leave it. Oh well, I tried!
We had such a fun time!

After the concert I did talk Jim into walking the fairgrounds, but we ran into some friends and he chatted with them... and then wanted to go home.

No animals, no fair food, no rides... I know, he is totally from Mars!

But we had such a fun night, a really good time was had by all!!


Della said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing your special evening.

Lindsey said...

WOW, I LIVE for fair food... I try to eat everything in one day then end up not feeling well. And Julie rode that crazy looking ride... she is nuts!

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