Thursday, August 26, 2010

The final youth group activity...

Wednesday night the two older groups of youth had one last social activity before school started. And they planned an outing at the lake, boating, bbq, beach volleyball. It would also end up being "The Teenagers" last activity with his youth group before he moves on into another older group, with old people... like his Dad... ha ha ha. That will just be another adventure to blog about :)
But I have felt really fortunate to be a leader with these young women and even more fortunate to occasionly get to work with the teenager in some of the group activities. It has been priceless to be part of some of these things with him. I will really miss it.
Somewhere in the planning, the boat fell through... but we were at the lake, so we set up the bbq, and volleyball net, and after about 20 very awkward minutes standing around the leaders at the table, these kids finally warmed up to having some fun. I have no idea why they are so afraid to make a move in the begining... it's hilarious how long it takes them to begin to be social.
Exactly why we still have to have "social" activities to help them learn and plan things with each other.
Once they get warmed up though.... look out... social butterflies!
They had fun in the water... it was 100 degrees out... but threatening 70 the next day, so perfect timing.

They were having so much fun... then somehow it turned into a mud slinging party... YUK!!!!
Grity sandy mud, everywhere!
I was happy to help man the bbq with a couple of the girls that didn't want to get wet.
Then one of the boys thought it would be funny to try and chug a bottle of soda pop.
Let's just say, it wasn't, and he paid the price.
I have no idea what those nuts on the back row are doing... they are such goof balls, but they always have fun.
I am all good with a silly picture, as long as I get a good smiley one too... oh well!
Silly it is! There is always one in a crowd.
At least I can say, I good time was had by all!

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