Monday, September 14, 2009

Home sweet home...

Yea! My strong silent mysterious man is home!!!
I am so happy he doesn't go on business trips very often. We didn't have a routine of when he would call, and he couldn't remember that he was an hour ahead of us... so some nights he would call late, and other nights I would wait up late and he was thinking the 3pm checkin call he had made earlier was good enough.... it was just unsettling all week.
The dogs are really happy to have him home too! They couldn't get enough of him last night.

And he brought them sursee's from one of the trade shows he went to.
Morgan loves her new funky chicken.
(a sursee is our word for surprise.... I think my sister started it when she was little and couldn't say surprise, so it came out sursee)

Happily together again!
It is funny because he was telling us about his trip and all the meals he had to eat out, and while our bank account was frozen up because of our fraud activity (which looks like it might all be cleared up by the end of the day today, yipee) we couldn't eat out all week even if we wanted to... so we are druling over the food he is telling us about. And he just wants a home cooked meal, and is sick of eating out.
It's all about perspective huh!

Oh, and this would be our bed this morning....

Yes, note the paradyme shift of all the pillows to the left...which would indicate if the bodies followed.... he is definitely over "the line", hence the reason I am clinging to the edge every morning. haha


And then there is the "knarly cover swirl thing"... oh I won't even go there.

It's just good to have him home and have covers to have to find and fix every morning, and have a warm bed to have to cling to the side of.


God is Good!

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