Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ski bunny...

(this was me a hundred years ago... I used to be quite the ski bunny back then)
I had a very exciting conversation with Jim yesterday...
I was on my way to get new plates for one of our vehicles; we had gotten a letter they wanted the boy scout plates back, they weren't making them anymore :(
And Idaho offers lots of different logos on their plates now, so I asked Jim if he had something in mind he wanted me to replace it with.
He said just get the cheapest, and you can pick it out. So I asked if he was okay with getting the "skier dude"... because it is one of my goals to be healthy and strong enough to hit the slopes this winter, and what a motivation that would be for me to see it on my license plate everyday!
He said sure, with some ?? in his voice... and I so I asked him if I was healthy enough to be a ski bunny this winter, would he take me to Bogus Basin?
And this was his reply... (I am having him sign a document stating this promise).
"Honey, if you can hit the slopes this winter, I will take time off work and take you on a ski trip to Sun Valley skiing; just the two of us".
I almost started crying, I was soooo excited!
How is that for motivation!
I am working my buns off to get there now!
**Note to self - don't lose focus, you can do it, winter will be here in less than 3 months!! Any pain you feel now, will be reaped in rewards a thousand times over in the snow with your husband!! YEA!!!


Megan said...

A trip is definitely motivation!!! You can do it and you're going to have a blast in sun valley!

Melody said...

Look at you ! :) So Fun! Thanks for sharing. Watch out Sun Valley a new Snowbunny will be hitting the slopes soon! :) Go Beth!

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