Saturday, September 19, 2009

Couch Potato to 5k...

Before girls camp in July I had worked up to "week 3" of my c25k (couch to 5k) training... then after camp, I never got back to it.
After a month went by, I just knew I was back to week one starting all over again, sucking air again!
But much to my surprise, I could do week 1 pretty easily. I continued it just to make myself keep doing something, and to try and build back up slowly as to eliminate any possible injuries. (let's just face it... all this weight, running... seems like an injury just waiting to happen).
But deep inside, I knew I could challenge myself more.
So this morning, I tied up my running shoes and turned on c25k WEEK 2!! In all honesty, until I hit the halfway mark, I didn't believe in myself that I could do it, and finish it. But at half way I KNEW I could!!!!!
It was such a great feeling, to KNOW I could push myself this way (and survive)! A victory for me in my journey!
I am so grateful for Courage (with a BIG C), and that my body and muscles will respond to what I am asking it to do, even when I push it, and for answered prayers!
God is Good!!!


Megan said...

Beth... YOU ROCK!

Brit said...

Awesome!! It's amazing how good we feel when we push ourselves and accomplish those kinds of things! :)

Melody said...

Way to go Beth! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I really have to mentally and physically push myself through my work outs too! I am looking forward to carrying less weight so that I can run with more ease...or is it.."run and not be weary...:)" Love you! keep up the great work!

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