Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Last First Day...

Here is my last first day of school picture. He was willing, but barely.

Ahhh, there is the smurk.

It seems like such a milestone, but so far I am not crying. Guess I am saving it all up for the last, last day of high school. Or maybe it is the fear from everyone telling me to "hang on"... senior year is quite a ride. What does that mean?

I am not sure what the year ahead holds for us, but I am hanging on and trying to cherish every moment.
What I wasn't expecting... but I know I should have (after finding last years 1st day of school post)... to find how low the dogs would be hanging today without him! At least there is no puking yet... cross my fingers!!


Donna Lynn said...

Which buckle are we wearing?

Lindsey said...

Oh man... you are doing well... something about the last first day of school makes me want to cry! I don't know what people mean by the senior year is a wild ride BUT as a bus driver I can tell you I would rather have 100 seniors on my bus then 10 8th graders!!!

Megan said...

I can't believe how tall he is! I wouldn't have noticed except for he's almost as tall as the door behind him! He's getting so big! I hope he has a great senior year.

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