Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I got it"

I love it when my strong silent mysterious man cleans our carpets.

I get the job of moving the furniture out, cleaning up all the stray misc hidden treasures I find when I move said furniture. And vacuuming up all the dog hair that finds it's way behind, under and through every crack and crevice... I can't believe there is anything left of our dogs after all the hair I find they lose! jeesh! Surprised they are not hairless by now.

And then moving the furniture back into place. This job I don't usually mind because I am a self confessed furniture mover... I love to re-arrange furniture. My boys can normally find at least one room of the house moved around about 3-4 times a year... one time I switched my office and Jacobs room just for a change of pace. Our little house isn't very conducive to furniture moving, so this past year when I got the guitar wall up, I haven't changed much. (I am really over due... I might have to knock out a wall soon).


But the best part of cleaning the carpets, is that for a short time... we can play ball in the house!!!

These guys love it!

No surprise, Taylor is the ball hog!

But Morgan and Rudy enjoy that we get down and roll around on the floor with them!
A good time is always had by all!!
Something interesting I discovered is that I have more consistant, interesting, self motivating, deep thoughts posted in my hand journals from right after we cleaned carpets than any other times. It must say something about a clean house that leads to a clear mind. I always think better with clean carpets!

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