Monday, August 24, 2009

Life from inside the bubble...

Well we did it... Jim has been threatening for over a year now to quit paying for a local land line, and satellite TV. He gets so frustrated with the outrageous prices for what you get. So we finally did it, we turned off our home phone, we are wireless now, and only get local channels with rabbit ears (I never thought I would ever say rabbit ears again!!) if the teenager stands just right with his mouth open (ha ha ha).
We figured we would spend more time together as a family and playing with our dogs since we have less channels to surf.
And really we got tons of wrong phone calls, as our number was very close to the public defenders office. I can't say I will miss all those 3pm collect calls from the jail everyday. Although I think I could get a job for their office with all the experience I have re-directing Spanish speaking callers to get their court dates. Jim would just hang up, but after 6 years I felt a connection and obligation to help them find their way out of trouble.
Anyway, we are now among the proud and the few that no longer need the telephone company or an answering machine!


Kristi M. said...

Once Jeff got out of tile, we no longer needed the fax and cancelled the landline. It felt like a huge step for some reason. We have always had the regular channels and now that it has gone digital and we get a few more, we feel like we are doing pretty good. The funny thing is that we can get cable for free for some reason throughout our entire house. Don't let the cable company know about that one though. We only have it hooked up in my craft room.

Megan said...

It's true--the prices for some of those packages is truly crazy! I'm debating canceling our home phone because we have cell phones and the only people that call us on the home line are sales people! I don't want to talk to them!

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