Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...and eat your broccoli!

Sunday I decided to re-commit myself;
after way too many "I'm on vacation" decisions regarding food.
So what better way to start it off than to make some of those yummy dessert recipes I got at girls camp to tempt me?

I know, what was I thinking? But I had really wanted to try some of them since I had been home. Especially to share with my boys... I just knew they would fall in love with me all over again, over how good they are. And they aren't totally off limits... moderation Beth, extreme moderation!! I was very relieved to pack the last 4 turtle cookies in Jim's lunch today! Goodbye turtle temptations!

Whew! I got away with only eating one cooked one out of the batch (I sacrificed dinner for that one on Sunday)... and one out of the dough when I was baking them. How else are you supposed to know if they are any good unless you eat some of the dough? I just wrote it in my food journal and moved on! All is well.

To make up for it, I bought a huge Costco size bag of broccoli and in an effort to figure out how to eat the entire bag by myself before it goes bad, because my strong silent mysterious man doesn't eat green food, and the teenager isn't diving into the broccoli these days (I suspect his annual new fit buff body plan will kick in about 2.5 seconds into the first day of school right on schedule... must have something to do with how pretty the girls get over the summer... just a thought).
Anyway, the broccoli... I tried a healthy casserole recipe, it wasn't too bad.
But not really anything to write home about... but a step up from the broccoli smoothie I tried a couple of years ago.
And nothing to make a girl feel better than a little trim. The "locks" were getting unruly! Thanks Katie!!
She will be Mrs. Cody Bishop next time I see her... congratulations on Sept 5th Katie!! ... we are so happy for you and Cody to celebrate your wedding day.

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Megan said...

It's true--you really do have to taste the dough to make sure the cookies will turn out okay!
I think that broccoli casserole looks great

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