Thursday, May 19, 2011

That's not being careful!!

Even though our vacation ran over into Monday, making it a potentially short week working this week. It has been a very LONG week so far. The boys worked a 14 hour day their first day back, and they are super busy. Which is good, but for some reason nobody is sleeping well, which is NOT good. I have no idea, but we are like zombies today walking around on no sleep for days now. Uggg.

Their second day of work this week was a little shorter, but they report just as stressful with rush, hot jobs to be completed and lots of pressure and stress to finish work for customers "waiting with bated breath" (I wondered where that saying came from and found an interesting explanation here... if you are curious and want to learn something new today... go read it and let me know your thoughts).

However, a tired worker can mean mistakes (nobody functions well without a clear rested mind), which in turn makes the days longer because you have to fix mistakes and that takes more time, and additional frustration etc. It's a horrible vicious cycle.

I had never thought of making mistakes as something I learned from along the way, and a way that I have grown. But they are something you learn from and become who you are. You can tell someone "be careful" until you are blue in the face, but at some point they learn from careless mistakes because it gives them experience. And you can really only grow and draw from your own experiences, not someone else's.

So with all that said.... I have told him a million times everyday as he leaves the house, going out into the world to "face the dragons" to BE CAREFUL!!

But he came home and showed me this and told me all about how it happened!
In great detail, with descriptions that I won't gross you out with, but include...
I was Sandblasting
do you know what that is?
not the kind in the case
BIG INDUSTRIAL sandblasting Mom
(insert grunting manly descriptions of how import and manly this work is)
glanced down to examine my work
wasn't paying attention to the other end of the wand
it lanced my arm
only feeling a sting at first
then blood from every pore
the other guys said they had never seen so much blood
screaming in pain
yes, I cleaned it good
yes, I put Neosporin on it
yes, I promise to keep it clean
no, it doesn't hurt unless I touch it
isn't it cool?
don't worry, I'm fine!!

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER FOR PETE'S SAKE (another silly expression I pull out now and again, that I don't know where it came from, I will have to go look that one up now too)!!

I am so grateful for the experiences I have lived through that have helped me learn.
We don't pray for them, we wouldn't wish the pain of them on others.
But I can't look back on anything painful in my life, or not one stupid mistake I have made, that I haven't learned from, or had a beautiful growing experience from.
God is good.
He loves us.
He will never leave us in our trials and gives us experience for our good.

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