Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heaven on earth...

Saturday Jim and his Dad and sister and her husband and I were able to all go to the Temple together.
We finished Leon's work and had him sealed to his parents to be together forever in heaven. It was a very special day, but not totally without opposition.
We have learned anytime time you are out to do such good, there can be great opposition. Thanks to Jim's Mom who stayed home and was able to help us finish the necessary computer work in-between to make it happen all in the same day. It was pretty important that the siblings be together and share in the experience, and even though we missed Johnna very much, she was with us in our hearts all day and Jim and Debbie couldn't wait to call her to let her know of the special time we had together in the Temple.

Jacob took the opportunity to play one more round of golf on one of the beautiful courses in St. George.
We have over 189 pictures of this golf course now... but here are just a few. If you are not a fan, you can bow out here.

This is typical Jacob... something shiney caught his eye...

I am guessing the pics of the houses were not objects he needed to avoid on the next shot... but rather he was drooling and dreaming of living in them one day.

I love that you can see the St. George Temple from this view.

Both the Temple and the golf course, a little piece of Heaven on Earth for us to enjoy the beauty and peace.

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Donna Lynn said...

I'm starting to feel better about his communicating on mission. At least he can send pictures.

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