Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop off for the missionary...

We made a few stops to check out things for the missionary while we were in Utah.  One store seemed to have most what he needed, but we just didn't feel like they were going to fit him just right and we left with allot of questions.
Then we went to another store, also geared to outfit missionaries... and this guy knew his stuff.
 We really felt like he knew how to fit our missionary with what he needed, and answered all of our questions.
Just a note if you are going to sell clothing to a missionary, don't tell the mother "that will probably work".  She wants to KNOW it is the right thing and you stand behind it.

They were efficient, and quick, but very thorough!
Just what the parents need.  Not allot of sales pitch and hype.

He even knew just how to help the missionary make some hard decisions... like what color of ties.
When you are standing and looking at a wall of ties, it can be overwhelming. 
But he helped him narrow it down to a few and layed them by the suit, which made it super easy to say yes or no to each choice!
It was awesome!

It made something that was kind of difficult, so much better!

He is not ready to go yet, but well on his way with some of his clothing now!!

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