Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are we there yet?

Sunday we said our goodbyes, had a very special prayer with Jim's Mom and Dad, cried a few tears and got on the road for home.
Mom had packed us some snacks, but we knew it would be a very long day and Jacob had his heart set on one meal on the road.
Jacob and his Dad like to harass each other and tease, and it's all good (until someone gets hurt) that they have this kind of male bonding (even though I don't get it). But I figured these things need to be documented, so in the case that I completely loose my mind and have to be committed... it will be on record what drove me over the edge.
you can hear it progressively gets more tense...
I promise we did not starve the child, but I have a feeling the Lord will know just what he needs and he just might learn what that is for himself while he is serving a mission.

I wanted so badly to get a picture of Provo, UT to look at when Jacob goes into the Missionary Training Center there in Sept. But couldn't get anything but the Y on the hill above the college from the freeway. It's a neat site too, not the town, but it will have to do.
We also saw one of those windmill blades, they are soooo long, it's hard to imagine it whipping around up in the air.. and this is only half way from the center... if there are three blades they go completely another one of these in the other direction from the center. Crazy huge, they just don't look this big out in the fields from the freeway.
Yep, after he got fed, he slept quiet as a baby the rest of the way home.
We went directly to pick up our puppies and tried to sneak up on them... but Taylor peaked her head up over the fence as soon as we drove up... soon followed by Morgan as she heard the sound of the truck.
They were soooo happy to see us!

They love doggie daycare and had a blast of a time, based on how tired they were when we got home. But it's always good to get home.
Our lawn was outta control long... so we had a little catching up to do. But the boys got right on it before we finally sat down to relax from our trip.

It was a great little trip, went way too fast, but we loved spending such special time with family! That time is really priceless!


Robert and Kristen said...

You could have stopped in North Ogden we would have fed you! Anytime you come this way feel free to stop by!

McDowell Family said...

Gosh, mom all the boy wanted to was to eat! I'm sure he felt like he was starving!! I can't wait until Zachary is that age and all we do is feed him! We missed you and we are glad that you are home!

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