Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SLC to St George w/ a stop in Grantsville...

We left SLC for Grandma's house and made a quick stop in Grantsville.
Jacob's friend Christopher lives there. 
Their birthdays are a day apart and they were baptized together when they were eight in Buckley Washington.
It was neat to see them again, it had been years.

While we were in Grantsville, we stopped at the cemetary to try and find some of Grandpa Dayleys relatives that were buried there.  It is the cutest town tucked in beside the mountains.
They called it a banana belt, and they don't get a ton of snow and are protected from the elements.
I would say it was one of the towns in Utah I felt like I could live in.
 We didn't find Isabelle McBride, but this must be her sister... with the same story of her father being killed by the mobs at the Hann's Mill Masacre.

 The Great Salt Lake.

Getting close... everything starts to turn red rock.

We arrived in St. George... and met Jim's Mom and Dad at their home.  And his sister and her grandkids were there to swim. 

They played some competitive ping pong.

 We went back to Debbie's after Devin got home and played some games together and grilled hamburgers.

Then a little after dinner pickle ball.
Which we all loved and can't wait to find a place in our town to go play.

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