Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference Weekend...

I have really learned to LOVE General Conference Weekend!
You can go HERE to learn more about General Conference in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I say "learned" because when I first joined the church, General Conference weekend meant I kind of got a break from some of my church responsibilities, because it is a Sunday that we don't participate in our normal regular meetings, and if you are lucky enough to receive the conference by broadcast through satellite at home, you can watch it in your pj's. 
Living the Gospel is not easy, it requires work, but it is worth it and blesses lives... I didn't fully understand that for years.  Hence the need for a "break" from my church responsibilities... now I listen to General Conference for help and guidance with those responsibilities.

 I have learned so much from listening and "participating" in General Conference.  I guess the scripture that we are taught line upon line and precept upon precept is very true.
It is such a beautiful time to hear messages from Apostles and Prophet to know what the Lord would have me know at this time for what I am living in my life and guidance if I would listen to the spirit of the Holy Ghost and receive personal revelation for answers to my prayers.

So now I plan and prepare for General Conference weekend!
It is a time I know my family will be home and together all weekend!
So I plan some meals, or at least some dishes that might be comforting food and try to have some family favorites.  This weekend I have hoagie fixin's and chips, mountain man breakfast stuff, and a couple of new recipes... cheesy gratin potatoes (which we tried and it was undercooked... flop) , and macaroni salad (which I don't know if I have the courage to make now after the potato flop).

But lucky for me I have wonderful home teachers who brought by some homemade bread last night.

 It smells sooooo good!!
 So I made some french toast for Saturday breakfast and there is nothing better with homemade bread... YUM!!!!
 And I got to snuggle under my favorite blanket that Patsy made for me.  Yep, that is the teenager almost conscious on the floor under the other blanket.
And our puppies LOVE General Conference weekend too!
It's really not all about napping...but that does seem to look like the trend. 

 I made this Conference frame this year that I found HERE to keep track of some of the topics spoken from the twelve apostles to hang on our wall for the next six months (until Oct General Conference) to help remind us what we hear so we can ponder, study and learn more about those principles and apply them into our everyday lives.  
Here is what we were able to fill in just from Saturday's sessions.
The summaries we put on our frame are what we gathered as the theme from the talk to focus on as a family... they are very personal and everyone that listens could draw something a little different or have their own focus.  These are ours.

You can listen or read the talks on HERE on

Elder L. Tom Perry - Pattern of the Sabbath and Sacrament
Elder Quentin L. Cook - A woman's role to be Faithful and Valiant
President Henry B. Eyring - Opportunities and Blessings of Service
President Boyd K. Packer - The Lords Church
Elder Russell M. Nelson - Obedience strengthens Faith
Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Desires>Priorities>Choices>Actions
Elder M. Russell Ballard - Small and Simple Acts of Kindness and Service (flecks of gold)

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