Monday, March 28, 2011

A Monday with the teenager...

Saturday we had been out for a drive and stopped into a few pawn shops and thrift stores.
At one stop the boys were showing me some really cool basketball shoes for $10 brand new And1 Wyoming Cowboys... so cool, but they were size 18 and we just didn't know anyone with a size 18 foot or we would have bought them.
Then at another stop the teenager found the sunglasses he had been dreaming of owning for a few years now, but could never convince his parents to buy for him.  And even when he would save and put aside enough money to buy himself we always managed to talk him out of them (you will see why when you get a peak... the retail price on them is over $100).  He was soooo happy to find some in great condition for a very reasonable price, even we couldn't talk him past this purchase... he is now the proud owner of a pair of white Oakley sunglasses.  He is so funny, today we spent the day together today, and I had to witness allot of head bobbing and listen to some song he made up about his "♪ white sun ♫ glasses ♪".
This morning Jim called and a guy he works with has a nephew who recently lost his Dad that wears a size 18 and he really wished we would have bought the shoes!  So he sent me right back over to buy them and bring them to him at work.  They were still there when the store opened, and looked like they had never ever even been worn. It was so fun to get them and pass them along to someone who could use them.... what a score.  Just guessing it is not easy or cheap to keep a kid in size 18 shoes.
When we arrived it was time for lunch, so we were able to have a special treat and eat together at one of the teenagers favorite places... Subway!
 Then the teenager and I were off to the city to try and take care of one more thing on our list he needed to do before he goes off on his mission.  When he originally got his golf clubs there was a promotion that you could trade them in for a brand new set within a period of time, but it ends before he would get home from his mission... so he needed to get the necessary things done to get the new ones ordered so he could take advantage of the deal before he left.  So we went to try on the new style and swing a few.
As we were leaving, I spotted this restaurant... really?  We have Cafe Rio Mexican Grill in Boise??  I have heard only good things about their food, and have tried a few knock of recipes that are amazingly awesome!  I can't wait to get my strong silent mysterious man to take me here.

I tried a new recipe for a mandarin orange cake (because I too was dreaming of summer) for a family night treat.  It was really easy to put together... my layers of cake got stuck in the pan, so I was only able to put one layer together enough to turn out.  It was yummy and I was okay with it not being stacked.  Light and fluffy and great flavor... it made me think it would fit well for an Easter treat too.
It was a neat day with my teenager, and we got along so great, and I was able to keep my mouth shut and not fight with him about how he drives my shiny car and scares me to pieces!

A good time was had by all!!


Donna Lynn said...

K=Keeping perpetual forward motion
E=Easy to see
Y=Why Oakley White Glasses are the way to see!

So I won't quit my day job for rapping.

beth said...

LOL, your so funny Aunt Lynn!! Sadly his version is even more annoying than yours :)

Rachel Ann said...

You HAVE to go to Cafe Rio. Personal FAVORITE. I'm going to be so sad to not have one two blocks away anymore!

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