Thursday, March 24, 2011

Missionary Olympics...

Last night the youth group planned an activity together to learn some missionary skills.  Each group had a "senior mission leader" that helped to take them around to each station. And the teenager got to come be a senior mission leader.  He LOVES to come back to the youth group and play any chance he gets.

They learned to sew on a button.
Practiced up their shaving skills with razors on balloons... only a few fatalities in the process.
 The bicycle obstacle course...
 This was my group of missionaries!
 And they did some scripture chase...
 Fun activity, fun night... well as usual, 
it's all fun until someone gets hurt!
They ganged up on the teenager and slathered him with shaving cream! (well that's his story, I saw some youngin's with a mess of shaving cream in there hair too).  But better him than me :)
A good time was had by all!!

1 comment:

Travis and Jana said...

What a fun activity! You guys are so creative.
The shaving cream fight looks fun too!

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