Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ansel Jr.

The teenager had bought a camera to take on his mission, and got to practice with it in Montana.  Now he thinks he wants to be the next Ansel Adams with his ;pocket size point and shoot.  

I laugh and joke, but I am secretly sooo happy!!  

In the near future it means I might have a missionary that sends home pictures from his mission... I am guessing pictures will be priceless!!!  

And in the farther out future... 
well who wouldn't want to be Ansel Adams Mom!!!
 Big horned sheep... a once in a lifetime shot.  He was telling me about it and they were only about 30 yards away from this guy, both wishing they had their bows!!  I am so happy he had a camera :)
The Canyon
Table Rock
I keep calling this a dam... but they say it's NOT a dam, I forget what they call it??


Johnna said...

wow, some beautiful scenery! Pictures home are priceless!

Love you,

HeidiT said...

Those pictures turned out great, he's a natural :)

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