Friday, April 1, 2011

Juicy Jigglers...

I love jello eggs.
I have had the mold to make these forever.   I am not even sure you can buy them anymore... probably (the jello people are cool that way) but it's really old, maybe even vintage by now.

Anyway, it comes out with my Easter Decorations every year... and I get all giddy, like the first day I made them all over again!
There are several recipes for them... cream jigglers, juicy jigglers (made with juice instead of water, which is what I made), sparkling jigglers, and original jigglers, and you can hide gummy stuff in the middle or fruit, and you can mix colors and flavors... the possibilities are endless!
But it is so sad to have BLAH Big Boys at home that are all grown up (well I use that term very loosley) and don't have a real appreciate for jiggle eggs!  They don't eat them or want to make them with me.  I have totally failed as a wife and mother.

My brother is the only one who gets me and my jello jiggler obsession... they are just cool and so festive for Easter time and fun to make and they make you giggle when you eat them!

  Thanks Ralph for always being a kid and making really fun Easter memories with me.  I miss you!  You totally have to teach Lillian and Brooklynn how to make and eat jello jiggler eggs for Easter and carry on the tradition!!

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