Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference Sunday...

Last night the boys went to the priesthood session of General Conference.
Today I found out the teenager took notes... yay!
I can't wait for family night to hear what he has to share.
I know everyone listens and internalizes spiritual things differently, but as his mom, this did my heart well.
I have loved learning how to take notes and keeping track of inspiration, thoughts, personal revelation and stories to help me remember what I learn during conference.
 Morgan... I don't know what she was thinking, I just found this on my camera.
 I am guessing she was sad that nobody would give her any of the mountain man breakfast...  just guessing.
In between sessions I walked outside because the sun is shining so bright and I am loving the warmth.
And found many more signs of spring!

Happy Birthday to my Dad today... I can't wait to talk to him on his birthday :)

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Donna Lynn said...

I just love your blog....makes me feel so close. YBS

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