Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where in the world?

Tonight the teenager had his last interview with our Stake President.... the mission papers are approved and on their way.

Be sure and go to the missionary blog (or facebook if you haven't already) to take a guess on where you think he might be called to serve.  There is a link to it on my side bar.  Or you can post a comment on this blog too.

I don't have any great "mothers intuition" feelings on this one.  His Dad and I worry a little about him going to a place where he won't eat well, or the food will make him sick, but mostly because he doesn't have allot of room to play around.  But we both do have ALL the faith that he will go where the Lord wants him to go, so I am sure along with that, He will provide enough food to sustain the kid for two years.

I keep hoping I will have a dream about it or something, but that would just torture me for the next few weeks anyway... so I probably don't want that.  I just can't get a picture of him living anywhere yet.

Tonight I am just over the top excited and I want to harness these feelings and save them up and pull them out and feel them again at maybe such times when I might NOT be feeling all giddy and happy about him living somewhere other than at home with me.

There are many places I would be immediately okay with him going.... some I would have to muster up faith to be excited about.
But a long time ago when we heard the Olympics would be in London England in 2012 and realized that was the year he would go on his mission... I thought that would be very cool to serve in an Olympic city.  So I hope he goes there.

But I don't want to jinx it... so I think I am guessing the Florida, Tallahassee mission.

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HeidiT said...

I'm so excited to hear where he is going! That's funny your guessing Florida because when I told Ren that I was going to guess Arizona(wouldn't Spanish speaking or on the reservation be awesome over there?!) he told me to say Jacksonville/Orlando, Florida because that is where he served and in his words "I want someone else to feel my pain" Hahahaha - lets just say the area isn't all Disney fabulousness :)

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