Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Friends...

Last week we went with the teenager to get the peep sight fixed on his bow.  We have a pretty new, very nice bow shop in town again. It's nice to have a place to shoot indoors close by again.  I really miss seeing some of our archery friends on a regular basis.
 I always tease my Mom about making friends everywhere she goes... but I guess I do it too.  He was behind the counter minding his own business and guarding the place.
 He was so adorable, I can't remember his name?  I am horrible with names.  It will come to me later.
 But he was so friendly and loving, and had the cutest "airplane ears" (you know... the kind that fly out from his head in all directions).  I love those ears!
And the happiest tail (deadly, but happy)!  I love making new friends!!  But I was totally busted when I got home and got the sniff down.  I had some explaining to do.

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