Saturday, April 16, 2011

Far and wide His love proclaim...

This past Sunday we went to listen to one of the teenagers friends talk in church before he leaves on his mission.
It is customary to have the newly called missionary speak in Sacrament meeting before they leave and then speak again when they return. 
But the talk isn't all about them, which would be so fun but they share a gospel topic, assigned by the bishopric and it's very special to hear them share their testimony.  Elder Parry talked on Gratitude.  His father is the Bishop in his ward and closed the meeting, and was able to share things about his son.  So that made it so personal.  He is a really neat kid and has become a very special friend to "the teenager".  He is such a special kid who has learned to overcome many trials in his life, and came out of them with the biggest heart!!  It was one of the first traits that I remember Jacob sharing with me about him when they first met at Helaman camp one summer.  He has been gifted with a photographic memory, especially for addresses and phone numbers, which will serve him well in missionary service.  And has a great aptitude for the power of forgiveness, and not judging others.  We are so proud of him and he will be a wonderful missionary.
He leaves this beautiful valley...
 For another valley in the California, Anaheim mission...
They will be so lucky to have him!!

But another one gone.  As one friend after another leaves for the mission field... the teenager is doing well, but I am starting to feel a little anxious (big surprise?), and somehow a call for him to serve in a foreign land doesn't seem so appealing and adventurous as it did when we started this process.  
My Strong Silent Mysterious Man had a dream the other night that he was asked to go and support Elder Parry in Anaheim. 
We will see.

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