Thursday, April 14, 2011

Healing for the heart and soul...

The oldest class of the young women in our youth group planned a tour of the local hospital for career night research.
One of them had been volunteering there for 4 years and was qualified and had access to give us some insight  into what it involves and some of the things she has learned in the time she has been working there.
 It was fascinating and I learned so much! 
Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn more about what you like and don't like if you are trying to decide what and where you want to go in life.  Plus, it adds a nice line to any resume or college application as a bonus.
But the real joy comes from as Mother Theresa said so beautifully...
"To show great love for God and our neighbor we need not DO great things. It is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful for God."
In the process I learned that they also have a program that they will train volunteers how to train their own dogs to learn to come and do "dog therapy class" for recovery patients.  It was hard to ignore that screaming out to me!! 
Even though, I am not sure the hospital world is ready to meet my sweet rambunctious Taylor... I have so much faith and passion for this concept (pet's are so very healing to the heart and soul), that I am willing to work at it to find a way to make these two worlds collide (maybe once I have my teenager out on his mission... and one day when I am not juggling life as a young women president... one day, maybe.  I picked up an application, you can't put these things off for too long... smile). 
A great time was had by all!

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Kristi M. said...

When Jeff was there with heart pains a couple of years ago, Jeff and I were in the waiting room when a volunteer dog came by. We were able to pet and feed the little dog treats. Gunnar loved it and it broke up our wait. I've always wanted to do this with my dogs. Maybe one day I will get Diesel involved. Let him grow out of puppyhood a little longer.

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