Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You've got to MOVE IT, MOVE IT...

  • Who doesn't start tapping your toe when you hear that tune?
  • I watched Madagascar 2 with Jacob this weekend.  It's stuck on my brain still.
  • It's been my motivational song so far this week.
  • I had huge choice hurdles to get over and so far so good!
  • Yesterday morning the boys left for a job in Montana for a week.
  • I knew I would be home alone... well as alone as you get with 3 pesky dogs, that freak out when someone leaves for an extended period of time (clingy puppies)   :)
  • I had the choice to be a lazy bum all week since I wouldn't have to cook or clean or pick up after anyone at home, and eat without anyone wanting some of what I have, or asking if "I should be eating that or not", go to bed early and depressed and do basically nothing.
  • Or I could choose to plan some healthy "ME" time to get back on track and have a week under my belt and be in a groove when the boys got home, and maybe get a few projects done, and have a nice quiet bubble bath to two or three and paint my toe nails.
  • I DECIDED to "move it, move it"! 
  • Yay!  What a good feeling this morning after a day of good eating and some exercise, it almost wasn't even hard to get out and take the dog for a walk this morning at dark-thirty (not a fan of daylight savings time).  
  • But my body is wondering WHAT IS GOING ON???
  • Mind, Body and Spirit... that will be my focus this week, because it CAN be!
  • ♫ You've Got to MOVE IT!! ♫

1 comment:

Donna Lynn said...

I have to watch Madagascar. I've missed that one and I think that is a song I will like. Keep moving or in the words of Dorey...Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

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