Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some things...

Just some things I've noticed at home without any boys in the house.
  1. The toilet seat is always down :)  (The teenager is well trained, but the strong silent mysterious man... well in the middle of the night he must revert back or something, because this morning I found myself in the dark searching to put it down...  nice surprise that it was already in place.
  2. I am not the one using up all the glasses.  (Someone must be getting a new glass for every drink, there is always a dishwasher load of glasses for only three of us).
  3. It's quiet.  
  4. No guitar playing :(
  5. The TV isn't constantly blaring :)
  6. I don't hang up my coat when nobody is watching either... oooops.
  7. Getting the mail is not as big of a thrill as I thought.
  8. Sustaining someone in their callings at church really is a big deal, no matter how small you think the job might be. (I am covering one of Jim's jobs to lock and unlock the donation trailer everyday... there is so much more to it than that).
  9. Cooking for one... nice / Empty seats at the table... glad that's only temporary.
  10. After further testing... the results are final, My Strong Silent Mysterious Man IS the cover hog!

1 comment:

Kristi M. said...

Amazing how you can always pin down who is the problem when they are all gone. I would love to see your cabinets painted if you do it. We want to paint ours as well. They are actually maple but installed in 1990 with flat panels. They just look a little dated but are made out of nice wood so the painted finish should look really good. Something to add to my list that takes time and money.

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