Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out with the old... In with the new...

On there last legs... the washer leaking water onto the floor, not regularly so it could be found and eliminated, but at random, inconvenient times.
The dryer taking over 2 hours to dry a load of blue jeans... it was time.
And everyone in our house was very curious as to what was under them... 

Except me!  I knew it would be bad, they hadn't been cleaned under since we moved in.... I hadn't imagined it would be this bad though.  Gross!
The bad news... we didn't locate any of those socks that mysteriously go missing, that I was sure were hiding behind or underneath waiting to be found the week after their lonely mates were thrown out, after being carefully tucked away in a second location taking up precious real estate in a dresser drawer for 6 years.  No such luck.
And in with the new.
The good news, I love them, and it's a really good thing that Taylor approves too... 
or we might have had to go back to the store to find something else.
I have no idea why my dog is sooo nosey?


Donna Lynn said...

You will be surprised how much faster you can get the wash done. I don't know if it is because the work faster or if it is because we love to use the new machines. Either way, it's a good thing. Enjoy!

Donna Lynn said...

And about the missing socks...on Saturday I went to Weight Watchers and after weighing I went to change into jeans because I was going to help Jerad move after the class and there was NO WAY I was weighing in jeans. I changed and as I walked out of the bathroom I noticed something in the aisle. One of my favorite navy socks... it must have gotten caught in my pants when I took them off the day before and then it dropped out when I walked to the bathroom. SO there may be a trail around Caldwell with your missing socks. There is a little bit of Hansel in all of us. Love ya.

six Thompson said...

Congratulations on the new front load washer and dryer. I am soooo jealous and super excited for you.

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