Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seattle The last chapter...

We found some neat new shops to visit... this is the guard kitty that lived in the local, yes you guessed it... bird shop.  The irony.  It was a very fat kitty too!
Jacob worked on a gift for Papa and Nene to treasure while he is on his mission.
We hid out at Aunt Pandas to make it... as luck has it she has the crafty gene.

It's a hand print.  Nene has one of his hand prints from when he was 1.
So I was trying to ponder a way to tie into that and give her a BIG boy hand print... kind of a then and now thing.  And I like the tie into serving hands, working hands, praying hands, giving hands.  But this is what we came up with.
You can't see it very well in the pics, but it really shows all the lines and form of his hand.
And the original hand print... it's much much smaller.
And Nene loved it!
We also had brunch with Bill Gunter another old time family friend.
I grew up with his kids and he is like a Dad to me.
I am pretty sure if us kids got together we could write a best selling comedy about some of the stories we could tell about our parents and the times we were thrown together growing up.
Of course he brought Mickey with him... he was waiting in the car.
So we were sure to bring him some scraps from the table.
Yummo!  Happy puppy!!
I had to laugh at Papa giving Jacob all kinds of advice while he was driving.
Hey, I am sure I had my share after all those years, it's nice to pass on the torch to anyone else!
And it was nice to catch up on some nap time for sure.
We played some competitive Wii...  Our team - Lynn couldn't convince the teenager to do her University of Washington sign (the big W)... too much like a gang sign he said. Ha ha ha!
Their team... I guess that is their Winner sign, ha ha ha.
And our friend Liz!
The last day we were to leave at 4pm... and Aunt Lynn had to work.
As it turned out, she had left her cell phone at the house.  
So we took the opportunity to see her one last time to bring it to her downtown.
It never gets old going downtown... love it!
I am really a city girl at heart.
Home of the Mariners...
and the Seahawks.
The Smith Tower...
Oh and the ferries... LOVE the ferries and the waterfront!
And the hills...  the city was built on seven hills, just like Rome.
And the architecture... love love love it!
Hey teenager... pay attention!
So we dropped the phone and had a quick lunch, so yuppie...
And said our final goodbyes to Aunt Lynn.
Then the teenager got one last stressful drive in crazy traffic out of downtown...
And Nene took us to the airport... this is actually Boeing Field on the way.
As we waited our 2 hours at the airport...

The teenager saw this Oregon plane... Go Ducks (that's for our Duck friends).
And was so sure it was their basketball team being shuttled in...
I doubted when I saw little old ladies debarking.
But he was sure... until we saw this plane.
Go Cougs... (that's for my nephew)
The teenager hates being wrong!
This puppy was waiting to go somewhere too... he looked so much more patient than the teenager.

And lift off as we said goodbye to Seattle.
And hello to Boise... I loved that you could see the city lights AND Bogus Basin on top of the mountain.
(click on the picture to see both a little closer)
And the perfect sunset to end a very perfect trip home to Seattle.

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