Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seattle Chapter Two... Sorry, Sorry, Sorry I am a slug posting!!

I have to say, we were just having such a wonderful time with my family that I didn't want to take away any time to finish blogging while I was there, and just knew I would get right back into my blogging groove when I got home, but instead have been dealing with a freight train of emotions and other stuff... and just now getting around to catching up with my life to try and journal it.

Aunt Lynn used her Y passes to take us for some workouts while we were there.  One day warm up on the treadmill and then swim aerobics and she was brave enough to take on the teenager and his cocky self, for a game of one on one.

He thinks he is all that by not getting jupped by his 5 foot something Aunt as he gaulks down on her from 6 feet 3 1/2 inches (it's official, we measured and got witnesses this time).
And she always looked surprised that he could get one over the top of her...
No competitive genes in our family, LOL... these two are soooo funny!
Another day she and her workout buddy Nora took me through one of their training sessions.  And another day we learned some new interval training techniques on the treadmill after some free weight training.
It didn't kill me, and I actually had fun.
I am really happy my sis has such a neat workout buddy, I love Nora... it was really fun to finally meet her.
Nevermind our sweaty just got out of bed looks, they made me do it.
Last Christmas we looked all over Seattle for some plaid golf pants for the teenager, I think Joanna was so broken hearted to leave and never find any.  The first store we walked into this trip, just randomly looking around he found these.  I have to say I am a little relieved that we never found them back then... he still really wants them, but won't get enough use out of them before his mission... so they didn't come home with us.
Whew!  That would have been another really hard story to explain to his Dad why I let him buy something so embarassing :)
Ralph Lauren is finally coming around and making tie dye!
Well his own version of tie dye, but he's got nothing on my SIL... Panda your clothing line rocks!

And Brooklynn had been waiting for us to come so we could finally watch her Tinkerbell movie.
I didn't hate it and leared more about ferries and tinks than I ever knew existed!
And the teenager had to learn how to share his popcorn... Brooklynn loves it even more than me!
It snowed off and on almost the whole time we were there.  Only one day we didn't want to venture out in it to drive.  The hills make snow days a little dangerous there if you don't have the right vehicle to get around.
So we were happy to have some down time and enjoyed watching it from inside.
Brooklynn loves books and loves to read... she knows those Tinkerbell books inside and out and can tell you about everything that could possibly happen from the pictures.  She is very detail oriented, and very convincing too.
Her favorite things to pretend are Repunzel, and playing waitress (that was one of my favorites when I was her age too).

We definitely have to school her up on tips though.

This was one of the snow falls.  Snowflakes just look so beautiful coming down amongst the evergreen trees, I just LOVE it!!
We met some family friends at Branks BBQ for lunch one day.
It's always interesting listening to the "good ol' boys" club when they get together.
I love my teenager!
We got to go shopping at Panda's Treasures, my SIL tie dye business.
I found a couple of things on her racks she had made and then had a few special order items.
I will post more and show pics of those later.
Me and the teenager with my brother Ralph and Sis Panda!
Always fun times with them.... except maybe tax day :)
I made the teenager wake up and take pictures of my mountain while we were driving to meet Aunt Lynn at the Y one morning.  He wasn't happy about it, he would have rather slept the whole way in, but he did a good job anyway.
And he was a really good sport while we were shopping at Christine Alexanders half yearly sale!
He was impressed with the pimped out Lexus in line for gas at Costco.
Mom, taking pictures of me taking pictures!
I think only we would laugh at that :)
My main girl B- always up for a self portrait.
The traditional measure on Nene's wall!
You can't see it in the picture very well, but she has quite a history of his growth chart now, complete with notes of what was happening around that time... ie: entering 5th grade, just before his mission.
It's fun to read and see how much he would grow in spurts. 
Brooklynn and Lillian have their mark on the wall now.
If Mom ever leaves this house, we will have to cut away the sheet rock and take it with us!
And Roxanne!  My favorite puppy... she HATES getting her picture made, so I tried to have the teenager distract her while I took one from behind and I got caught.  She didn't like it, but I immediately put the camera away and made friends and she got better.  Sometimes she will leave to the bedroom and hide and not come out.  I think she must have been beaten with a camera in a previous life... we can't figure it out, but it's a real fear for her... poor puppy!
Jerry and Lynn took us out for dinner to DQ.
And Brooklynn aka the queen of ice cream got her first ice cream on a cone!
She ate the whole thing and learned how to lick from everyside so it didn't drip, she is a pro now!
Brooklynn and her Papa and GG.
Did I mention I love my teenager?
Brooklynn singing songs in the car.
When she got to the end of her reptuare, she would start all over at the beginning again. 
She loves to sing.
Here is a sample of one of the tie dye's the teenager bought.
I told you they were cool!

The last chapter of our Seattle trip, coming soon... bring back tissue.

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