Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One more last goodbye...

The teenager attended his last boy scout court of honor... well his last as a teenager anyway.
He had earned one more Eagle Palm award before his 18th birthday, and was invited to the court of honor to receive it.
 He said he was a little embarrassed attending, because he is so much older than the other boys.
But when we encouraged him and let him know it could represent an example of continuing on that path even after the Eagle was earned, he agreed to go.
He was teasing about some green scouting shorts, that we have in a box that are waaaaayyyy too short for anyone we know to wear... he was going to wear them to make a "statement".
So glad we didn't have to talk him out of that at the last minute.
He thought it was so funny, Jim and I hardly ever get his jokes or humor, I have no idea where he gets it, but he came with it and has had a really funny side since he was a really really little boy.  I feel bad that we might have probably squished that side of him to a certain extent, but I am glad at moments like this, even though I can't bring myself to laugh out loud with him, for having to hold back the words "no you can't", that he has a wonderful fun side to him.
 I just could not be any more proud of that kid.
And I LOVE that he had the scouting program to give him some direction for his energy, and that it was a very good thing for him.  It really isn't "the thing" for all boys, but Jacob still LOVES it and it has served him well.  I am guessing he will continue in any capacity that he is allowed, to follow the scouting program throughout his life.  

Friday night he was invited to attend the Klondike Derby camp out... his absolute favorite of all camp outs.
I think this is the only year I might not be a worry wart mom at home praying every minute that he is gone, pacing and anxious for his safe return.  See I am making progress!
I am as excited for him to go, as he is this year.  That is huge for me.
I love you Jacob, and am so proud of the choices you are making to enhance and build your life.  And even though I don't share your same sense of humor, I totally embrace that it is a special gift you have been given directly from Heaven.


Donna Lynn said...

Too keep from crying here is my funny thought. You and Jim can now sing that song about short people with me. HEHE

Kristi M. said...

I am so glad that he went! Jeff is now the YM President and is struggling with the scouting program in our ward. It will take work to get the boys to understand the importance of it. Jacob was a great example of scouting to the other boys. Jeff too will be up at the Klondike Derby this weekend. I hope they all stay warm. Way too cold for me!

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