Friday, February 4, 2011

A February Christmas...

My Mom told me in early December that my Christmas present would not be here on time.
And with that, because she was so excited about what she was giving (I think I get that from her), she could hardly contain herself from telling me, but managed to skip all around it by throwing in a disclaimer that she really hoped I was excited about it as she was and that I wouldn't be disappointed when I got it. 
What in the world could be that good, that you have to wait for, that I don't already have?  And that we both would like (we have really different tastes in allot of things... the source of nearly all of my teenage years arguments with her... sorry Mom).
So I tried to just put it out of my mind and be patient and just wait and see, hoping if I didn't like it, I could either be honest, or FAKE it really really well.
Then in mid January when my parents were in SC, and my Sis was watching their house... she called me and told me my Christmas present that Mom had painstakingly tracked down, and finally ordered and had shipped to me, arrived back at her house instead of mine... and she was so shocked because after all the time and pain  Mom went through to get it, she worked right next to a store that carry's them and she could have picked it up for her in December.  
But that she would get it back in the mail to me.
So much for forgetting about it and being patient.
What was it???  My curiosity was really working on me.
So then yesterday, Sis calls and says she finally got my package in the mail and it was out for delivery!  (this was at 8am and UPS doesn't deliver until 4-5pm... the torture!!!!).
And added another teaser, she hoped it wasn't broken. Ahhh!!!!!!! Killing me!!!!!
Yay!  It arrived!!
 First some things Sis added to the package for Valentines sursee's for all of us... she had hinted that mine was NOT food related.   I couldn't imagine what that could be, but excited to find out.  
Satsuma, the yummiest flavor ever made in body stuff!
 See's chocolate anything is the teenagers fav!  But a chocolate peanut butter bear... I hope I can stay out of it until he gets home.
 Yay!  All of the family pictures from my Dad's 80th birthday party last April... now I can get copies made and in the frame she sent me for Christmas :)
 See's caramels for my strong silent mysterious man... he is so spoiled.  He LOVES caramels... thanks Sis, so sweet that you remember all of our favorites.
 So now to the infamous Christmas package... it was wrapped so well in bubble, I almost broke it getting it out of the wrapping.  That would have been bad.
A Susan Butler platter!
Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work.  She is from Indianola Washington and has such a creative way of capturing a Northwest feel in her pottery.  She makes rain happy!!  I fell in love with this design years and years ago displayed in a store at the airport in Seattle.  But just couldn't part with my first born to afford to buy a piece.  She now has a studio on Poulsbo,Wa and I think it just might have to be on my list of places to visit on my next trip!!
Thanks Mom, I LOVE IT!  You nailed it.  I am probably one of those people who think they are easy to buy for but are in reality, really really hard to buy for, but you totally nailed it with this one!!
Now I have to redecorate one wing of my home to make a special place for this!
So worth the wait!

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Johnna said...

What fun! Christmas in February and it is gorgeous. I am such a sucker for that kind of stuff and now I have a new idea for clyde.....:)

Have a great day and glad Jacob survived the campout!

Love you,

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