Saturday, February 5, 2011

Klondike 2011

I can't believe it's here again, but the teenager packed up and headed out to Klondike (camping in the snow) last night.  This year, he was invited to go as a leader.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this camp out, it's his very favorite of all times!
 We were a little worried that he was prepared, since he walked out of the house in slippers and short sleeves.  But he assured us he had snow gear and boots, it's just always too hot riding up in the car and he would rather dress when he got there.
 He was a little jealous of all the new improvements they made to the scout trailer, adding shelves.  Very cool, would have been nice... he has loaded unloaded and taken inventory in this trailer more times that I can count.  The scouts coming up should really appreciate how nice it will be to have the shelving in it.
 And they are off, nice pose, and a silly pose.
And for probably the first time, I am not really worried about him.
I ran through all the scenarios in my mind and anything that I could think up, I KNEW he could handle.  It's all good :)
 Instead of a fun date night with my strong silent mysterious man, we came home and were total couch potatoes, watched some gold rush show he likes.  Then messed with the dogs a little.
 They weren't in the mood.  
And we all went to bed, with one extra dog in our bed since she won't sleep in Jacob's bed without him there.
I was really looking forward to a promise to take them hiking this morning, we were up early had an early volleyball game with the young women, cleaned the church and some how while I was getting ready to go, my strong silent mysterious man climbed back in bed and is fast asleep.  When I woke him to ask about the MUCH ANTICIPATED hike, he said "later, when it warms up... mumble, muble" and drifted back into a full snore fest.
I am so bummed!
I guess I will clean house until the monster awakes.
I just HATE getting my hopes up for something and having to wait for it, or get let down by it.  I just hate that (stomping my foot)!!!!
He is a brave man going to sleep and leaving me in a huff, I tell you, good thing I really love him.

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