Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bird Hunting Practice...

I finally got to go on my hike (slash) bird hunting practice for Taylor.
She knew what was going on and was "in the zone" from the minute we got in the truck.... she would much rather be next to "Dad".
 He is her "go to" on these trips; and I am her "go to" at home... at night she splits us down the middle of the bed and leans on me, but puts her head on Dad. 
What a funny girl.

 You can totally tell when she is just sniffing around and goofing off having fun...

(insert song stuck in head here)
 ♫"aint no mountain high enough" ♫

 Vs. when she is on a bird.... you can't really see it well here, but in her sloppy form, her left leg is lifted and she stayed at what we consider her "point" on this bird until Jim gave her a cue to flush it out.
She has only been out hunting twice, so Jim is so excited that she has such good instincts in her breeding to hunt!!
She is a natural :)
What a nice afternoon, it was cold, but the sun was shining bright.... I really needed the sun lift.
Oh, and the teenager survived Klondike and made it home in one piece.  Again, a really fun camp out for him.
A good time was had by all!

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