Friday, January 28, 2011


I read about Popovers on my SIL and her blogger friends cooking blog here, that I LOVE, it's really helpful for me to try new recipes that have already been tried out or are "family" favorites.
So days after reading about them, I found a popover pan in a thrift store for $2!!
I was super excited and have been trying to cook for my boys more and try new things. 
I couldn't wait to make them.
I had them timed out to come right out of the oven right when the boys walked in the door from work.
I served them with butter and some of our homemade jam and Mama's homemade pear honey.
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for the verdict!!
They said they were "heavy" and "plain tasting"???
What did I do wrong?  I think they might have been a tiny bit under cooked.
But they looked and smelled soooo good.
I am not taking my picky eaters word for it this time, they just couldn't be less tasty than how they looked.
Unfortunately, I have been soooo sooo good on my weight watchers, that I didn't have any points for popovers left so I didn't try them out, I just couldn't go there, I would eat the whole pan for sure... and butter and pear honey... oh dear, those are certain triggers for me.  Maybe later on when I am a little more secure with my portion control issues.  But I AM going to try them!!
I just really wanted them to be a good thing at our house since I CAN NOT make rolls to save my life.


Kristi M. said...

That same thing tends to happen to me all of the time. I get an idea or project or some sort of thing in my head, almost to the point of obsession. Then within a week or two I find it at a trhift store or yard sale or awesome deal super cheap. Makes me think that spending with a purpose makes sense because then I am able to find it next to nothing and exactly what I wanted in the end. I can't make rolls worth a darn either. I bought a bread machine just so I can make pizza dough. It would never turn out otherwise. Your popovers look super cute. I would have assumed they would have tasted well too.

PaD said...

They look delicious. I wouldn't let those two discourage you. Keep on trying. Mom D

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