Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go Yotes!

Saturday we tried all day to think of something to get out of the house and do as a family, but we didn't really want to spend any money.   So after an all day search, we ended up staying home.
Are we sad or what.  Definitely the winter blues have set in and sucked out all of our energy, imagination,  ambition and drive.  We are losers, but I will just pretend we are saving up to rock it this spring with lots of fun family plans!
That evening, just before game time we got a call from some friends and they couldn't use their basketball tickets!  So perfect!  She started telling me they were to watch the women at 5:30pm and as I glanced at the clock reading 6:45pm I wondered if she had lost it?  But then she went on to say they still had the men's tickets for the 7:30pm game... I jumped all over them. 
Then worried about how I would get my boys torn away from the tv and warm fuzzy blankets they had settled into for the night (I told you we are losers, and old... so we go to bed really early too).
I finally convinced the boys this was such a gift and just the adventure we had been looking for ALL DAY LONG!!!    So we threw on our coats (seriously that was all I managed to do... hence my homely "look") and were off to pick up the tickets and have an adventurous night.
As usual, it looks like I drug them there... but I promise they had a great time and went under their own power!!

To root on the Yotes!
And we saw so many friends, and our old neighbors (it was really fun to run into them) and even one of my friends and fellow bloggers boys.
At first I took some stalking pictures I was going to send to her... then I got brave enough to tell her husband who I was and ask for a real picture.  Hey I didn't want to scare her son into a "stranger danger" fit.  But then I figured if they live with a "blogger" they have to be used to having pictures taken in all kinds of strange places at strange times, and sometimes by strange people!
At the College of Idaho... woot woot!
The teenager seemed to like the time out entertainment.
A really good time was had by all!  
Thanks so much Rob and Susan for sharing the tickets with us!!!


Kristi M. said...

I just had to laugh at your email. You are so good with words. I love it. Jeff told me that you took pictures. We couldn't believe how normal Gunnar looked. He always acts so goofy and silly for pictures. Jeff also mentioned that you must have missed the last 20 minutes or so of the game when he was sliding down the bleachers and managed to hit a lady in the process. :) Oh brother. They left with 12 minutes left. Gunnar was ready and Jeff didn't want him to remember it as a bad experience and decided to leave on a good note. Thanks for the pictures. They are great. Oh ya, Gunnar seriously does not know a stranger. He can be a little too friendly.

Donna Lynn said...

We were at the UW basketball game while you were watching basketball game in Idaho. Totally cool!

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